– Day 41 – The Right Way to Be Crazy Online

“Without commitment You will never start, more importantly, without consistency, You will never Finish.” – Denzel Washington

This quote is amazing!  I can tell you the story of consistency (which I will) – but the story of consistency is of someone that is already creating something… what this quote highlights is the need to start!

That means you can think all you want about the Infinity Marketing Machine – you can plan, you can imagine, and you can visualize – but this is not the same as sitting down at a blank screen and writing or recording a podcast.

I write every day for two reasons – the first is I have something to say (well… usually… sometimes my posts can be kinda lame) – but I also write everyday because I need that consistency.  If I left it up to once a week, I’m not sure I could commit to the topic.  But everyday is a pattern that I need!  Now… that’s me.  What’s best for you is going to be whatever works for you.  There is no set rule for what consistency means… except that it needs to be consistent!  And that’s our topic for today – The third C of the Infinity Marketing Machine, Consistency.

If you commit to creating content once week – you must follow through.  It’s like a promise you keep.  If you fail to keep the promise you disappoint.  You might not think it’s a big deal, but remember the fundamental goal of the Infinity Marketing Machine is trust.

The way you build trust is to provide content consistently.  If you post 7 times in two days, then disappear for a week, followed by 8 posts in an hour, then wait two days, and post the next three days in a row… you give off a “crazy” vibe!

Your goal is to provide a nice, calm, reliable, consistent vibe!  At the core, “consistency” is boring….but it’s vital!  When you make the decision to start your Infinity Marketing Machine – you must have the follow through to create your content at the interval you select.

Remember. It’s OK if your content is goofy, silly, and crazy – as long as it’s NOT because it’s inconsistent.  Leave the “crazy” for words… not delivery,  and you’ll create a stable vibe that builds trust!

Tomorrow we’ll tackle the 4th C – Customers!  Make sure to come back.

I’m so excited you’re here… I wish you’d join my tribe –  start here

Advertisements – Day 40 – What Do You Feed the Content Monster?

“The people who laugh at you today will be inspired by you tomorrow.” Unknown

Yesterday we talked about how important it is to position yourself as a leader in your industry so that you can build trust with your followers.  This trust helps to create the momentum of your Infinity Marketing Machine.

Well, that means you’ve got to say something!

And… that’s… where… it gets scary!  AND… that brings us to the second C “content” of our Infinity Marketing Machine.


What the heck do you write about that people will want to read?  My answer… just write.  If you have a daily or weekly blog – your content can eat you alive!  It’s like you create a giant content monster, and he wants to eat!

So… what do you write about?  Just write.  Write from the heart.  Don’t worry that people will want to read it, someone will.  Through the course of your writing (or speaking via podcast) – You’ll make people laugh AND you’ll bore people.  Not every post you create will be exciting and loved.  But the thing is you need to write.

Here’s another little acronym to help you feed your content monster… it’s TIPPO.  Think of it like a hippo, but instead it’s a big fat content monster, TIPPO.


When you worry that you’ve “got nothing” to talk about – think of TIPPO and you’ll realize that you always something to chat it up about!

TIPPO Inspirations…
Timing — these are your “right now” relevant posts — it’s the “We have a birthday to celebrate” – something that tomorrow won’t be relevant!  It’s like people that post firework photos on July 15… or people that post their “Happy New Year” message on January 3rd… timing is everything!

Importance – “There’s a snow storm – don’t park on the street or you’ll get towed… still visit, just park in back” – things that are important to your customers, now.

Proximity – This is something that happens which is close to your business that others will find interesting.  This might be industry news… Fashion Week or a new model car is released.

Prominently – You’ve got a media star visiting your business… could be the Mayor, High School Football Captains, or a Movie Star.  This can even be when your business wins an award!

Oddity – Yes… the weird stuff! You know exactly what this is… you see it show up all the time on your Facebook feed.  For me, in the marina industry, I watched a video from Scandinavia where a crew switch shifts on a ship by having a skid shoved out over an ice flow to a moving freighter ship in a channel… and the dude jumped on.  HE JUMPED ON A MOVING SHIP FROM AN ICE FLOW.

So there you have it – just when you can’t think of one thing to feed the content monster, you have an entire buffet!  You’ll get full, don’t forget to wear stretchy pants!

What’s up for tomorrow… the third C – consistency.  You’ve got to come back for that!

Like what you’re reading?  Join my group!  start here – Day 39 – Become the Expert You Are.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss

Thank you for being here!  I’m making an assumption that you were searching for a better way to create more social media traction for your business… well, yesterday I told you about the 5 C’s to the Infinity Marketing Machine.  I’m glad you came back to learn more.

The coolest part of the Infinity Marketing Machine is the ability to tailor it to your personal needs.   But it all revolves around the ability to share information that builds trust with your followers.

The first C is “Credibility”.  Have you ever had a gut feeling that someone is not trust worthy?  You don’t know exactly why… you just get a bad feeling.  Well, this is exactly why you work to elevate your credibility online.

The best way to elevate this credibility is to become a Subject Matter Expert by sharing your knowledge to position yourself as an industry leader.  For example, sharing knowledge in a blog, vlog, or podcast is an excellent way to accomplish this goal!

Now… the hard part of creating a blog, vlog, or podcast, outside of starting, is feeling that you are “worthy” enough to create such an outlet.  But here’s the deal, have you ever searched for information online and been thrilled to find the answer to your question?!!  When you start to create the information, it gives you the opportunity to share and give back to others!

You might not feel like you’re ready to be considered an “expert” but guess what… there’s always someone “newer” than you.  Your knowledge will be appreciated.  Again, the reason you are creating this type of information is to position yourself as the expert in your industry.  But sharing your knowledge you become the “go to” for knowledge and this builds trust.

Trust is extremely important to your Infinity Marketing Machine.  And with that, it’s time to create your blog, enhance your Linked In profile, and clean up your Facebook feed.

Come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about the second C of the Infinity Marketing Machine, “Content” — This is a great way to build trust with your customers!

Like what you’re reading?  Join my group!  start here – Day 38 – 5 C’s of the Infinity Marketing Machine

“Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.” Michael Jackson

Great inspiration for our topic of fundamentals!  Yesterday we chatted about how we need both customers and messages and ultimately how they can come before or after each other – it’s kind of a chicken/egg scenario.

However, today I want to chat a little about the 5 C’s to your Infinity Marketing Machine.  It’s the basic building blocks of how this whole thing works.

So let’s give a moment to read the full inspiration…

Michael Jordan- “You can practice shooting 8 hours a day, but if your Technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.”

This is important – if you practice something over and over but you’re doing it wrong… you only get really good at doing something wrong!

I’ve found this situation to be common with social media marketing – often, people will post something “just because” they feel better or think posting anything is better than nothing.

Let’s start here.   I want us to get a more clear and focused manner to attacking our social marketing plan.  To make it easier I created 5 C’s to help.  They are:

  1. Character
  2. Content
  3. Consistency
  4. Customers
  5. Cash

To build your tribe you need trust.  To gain trust you must fuel your Infinity Marketing Machine.  The fuel keeps your tribe around and that creates money.  That’s it!

Trust is best built through your character. You must be a trustworthy person in the eyes of your customers.  Your fuel is your content that you share. This is information your customers want to receive on a regular basis.  Your customers’ trust continues to get stronger and that makes a tribe who you will be able to help by sharing your current and future products/services!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll go a little further in depth on the 5 C’s to your Infinity Marketing Machine.

Like what you’re reading?  Join my group!  start here – Day 37 – Messages and Customers

“Are you sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling?” MC Escher

Just like the inspiration states… the same thing can have two functions!  Social media is exactly this situation.

You can create messages for customers or customers for messages.  It’s fun, because the line is blurred between the two.

Clearly you’re already in business so you have customers.  That makes it pretty easy to create the first part of the saying…

You most likely has social media sites that generate potential customers, so that’s the second part of the site.

Now just blend them together.


You are generating messages that your group of customers what to hear!  These are BOTH customers that engage with you on social media and those that have already engaged with you enough to share their email with you!

These messages are full of information they want to receive.

When you provide this information you build trust, when they trust you, the customers become a tribe.  When they are a tribe, you start to share new products they want… and that’s when you make money!

That means your Infinity Marketing Machine is not just a series of emails and it’s not just posting on Facebook.  That’s what you’re already doing.

An Infinity Marketing Machine is a system of strategic communications designed to build a tribe.

Cool Eh?

Tomorrow come back and we’ll learn about the 5 C’s of the Infinity Marketing Machine!

Until then… join my group!  start here – Day 36 – Just 15 Hours a Week! haha

Occasionally ask, “What is the connection between what I want most in life and anything I plan to do today?” Robert Brault

Today was one of those days where I had a glimmer of inspiration.

I was having a conversation about why social marketing is important.  It was ironic because sometimes I get too far away from the source of my “why” and I need to be knocked back into perspective!

You might be like this person… he’s transformed a passion into a money generator. Now, he can see the potential and wants to replace his income from his job.  It’s not out of the question, but it’s that point where he’s running on empty but not at the point where he can cut the strings.

And that’s when he said the magic words… “Yeah, but how on earth can I take time to post this stuff when I’m working on going to my job and working on building this (business)”

Ta Da!  Enter the Infinity Marketing Machine.

I love this question/statement because my entire passion in this exact topic started when I read one sentence in a Social Media Marketing book.  The book was ginormous!  Remember an old phone book… yep… that big.

The reason I bought this awful book was because I’m writing a book.  In order to write mine, I wanted to get an idea of what others put into a great big book of social media nonsense.  And I found it on page 1.  It said something along the lines of… a small business should prepare to spend 15 hours a week on social media marketing.

I burst out laughing!  There’s absolutely no way, someone that has worked closely with a small business, would ever have the time to spend 15 hours a week!  It’s simply impossible. — that’s like 3 hours a day!  If you honestly have 3 hours a day to do social media marketing… you need to develop a new profit center and generate more cash!


AND That’s when I set out to find a better and more reliable way to USE social media platforms to your advantage!

That’s when I discovered the Infinity Marketing Machine.   It’s a great way to build a bond with your customers and specifically target this group to build your business.

PS:  I’ve written the book… well the first draft.  How cool is that??!?!?

Alrightie… back to my story.  I shared a little of my process in my conversation today… but then I started to notice a “glossed over” look in his eye.  So in case you’re in that same situation… stop by this week and we’ll explore this a little closer.  Starting tomorrow I’ll share what an Infinity Marketing Machine is and what it’s not…

Just know that it’s super important to create your Infinity Marketing Machine with intent… you must know have a goal in mind to achieve success.

Until then… join my group!  start here – Day 35 – EXPIRED!

“Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.” Sophia Loren

If today’s inspiration is true… my goodness I’m going to have an amazingly full life, even if I never make another mistake… ever again!

You know that feeling you get when you’re driving on the interstate and the state trooper speeds up on your tail… YEP!

Let’s back up… (not into the cop – haha) – but I started my day 20 minutes behind… and it turned into 3 hours!  But along the way I had some amazing customer service.   I rarely leave the marina at this time of year, other than to go home… or the dentist.  I still have one more cavity to fill. Ugh.

Anyway, I was pretty excited today – I was taking my car into get it’s standard service.  Instead of interrupting someone else for a ride, I thought… I’ll just schedule a loaner car.  I could have waited for the car, but waiting 3 hours, that’s not much fun. (it’s ironic that I didn’t want to waste 3 hours – read on)

SO…. I arrived at the dealer and the dude said “we need your license and insurance” – crap.  Insurance… I never remember to put that in my car.  BUT, being a pro at “not remembering” I knew my agent could email it.

Start Pacman song when the ghost eats you…

“Um. Ma’am your license is expired”

No clue.  This is the embarrassing part… I had absolutely no idea it was expired.  I haven’t had any reason to even look at my license in 10 weeks!  The last date it was valid.

However, the nice lady helping the dude said, “we have a plan for this… we’ll just take you to the DMV.”

Score!  I knew I needed to get my tabs renewed, so this works out perfect!

So… about 30 minutes later I was dropped off at a DMV… and waited.  It was a very nice DMV.  But I got to the window and … keep that Pacman/Ghost theme handy… “We don’t renew licenses here.”  Here’s a purple piece of paper with all the area DMVs that create licenses.  Well, as long I waited in line… let’s renew my tabs.  I mean they expire this month.   Look at that, I’m ahead of the game! (If only I could drive – haha)

Next call, to the dealer…. who picked me up and transported me to DMV number 2… well, sort of.

I was dropped off at a police station/government looking building, I went inside and some woman at the desk said, “the DMV is across the street and down the block” — SWEET, it’s a great day for a walk!

I trotted over… walked inside, grabbed my number and then looked at all the lifeless souls sitting in chairs.  It was your “normal” DMV straight out of central casting…. I looked at my ticket, #94… then I caught a glance of the “now serving number”…. enter music from shower scene in Psycho… the sign was showing #73.


I found a chair right next to the door… it looked sort of clean, but I really wanted some hand sanitizer, FYI… I thought of asking the workers if they had a refill for the dispenser on the wall, then I thought, “I’ll just stay sitting and not touch anything.”

I waited… waited… waited… FINALLY 94!

I trotted up to the window… “you need to fill out this form – just step aside… 95, 96… 97, 98” – lots of thoughts went through my head.  But much like the hand sanitizer… I thought “thank you” was my best course of action.

LONG story short… I finished the form.  Then… “we need to check your vision” was said by the woman behind the counter.  UGHHHHH… My contacts are at the very end of their useful life. If your wear contacts you understand what that means.  If you do not, contacts steadily get less effective.   In my case, they work “fine”, but seeing detail like names on street signs is a little sketchy at distances.  SO… I just rattled off some letters, hoping I’d avoid the Pacman theme…

HARPS!  And a chorus of angels!  “You Passed”

I almost burst into tears… but instead I called for a ride, and made it back to the dealer to resume my loaner car pick up.

What does this have to do with the State Trooper?  I really did have one follow me on my way to the car dealer… and all I could think of on my ENTIRE 3 hour saga to the two and a half DMV’s was, this was SOOOOOO much better than finding out my license was expired from the State Trooper on the interstate!

What did I learn?

1) Have a plan for your customer if they “forget” something… like renewing their license… dang, I’m dumb.

2) Have a plan for your customer when they need a “copy” of something like emailing a copy of their insurance… shrug.

3) Have a plan for your customer if they arrive at your place of business and you can’t help them (the purple sheet of paper)…

4) Renew your license before it expires.

What an adventure… if you’re entertained, join my tribe!  start here