– Day 20 – Create the Life You Want

“Nobody has everything but everybody has something”

Today’s inspiration is a lot like my belief that you can have it all… just not all at the same time.

Think about it, over the course of your life you’ve had happiness, wealth, success, health, family, independence, etc. … lots of separate things – sometimes a few at the same time, but never at the same time.

Women certainly have the biggest reality gap when this concept comes to life.  Often you hear of some sort of unsatisfactory life ambition because work, family, wealth just don’t come together.  Well… you can “have it all” just not at the same time.

Sorry if that’s a bummer to realize, it is just a fact.

It’s funny, today I had a girl tell me about how this singer she followed on Instagram had kids and a singing career… (implying that her life looked easy) when I said, “she has people” she doesn’t do it herself… it was like I burst her bubble!

I’m just a fun wrecker! haha — But look at today’s inspiration again… nobody has everything (like the singer) but everybody has something (like money) so you can make your life look completely flawless and put together.

So there’s a little motivation to get you through your day… you’re working hard to create the life you want, on your terms.

Advertisements – Day 19 – Three Thing List.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Zig Ziglar

Yesterday.  I have no idea what I did or what I got done.  Don’t you hate days like that?  UGH.  It’s like the day just happened.  So I was really frustrated by the time we closed.

This morning… I started the same way.  I’ve got this wicked summer cold thing going on and my motivation has been zero.  OK… quick question, which is worse: cold in the winter or cold in the summer.  I’m going with summer… both are lame, but there’s something about putting on an extra sweater and laying under a blanket that just goes “better” with winter!  🙂

Back to my lack of motivation… so today I started down that path – and then I made a “three thing list”.  1) Get flowers for the planters.  2) Make an appointment for my car 3) get the “stuff” we have for sale “organized”

Guess what…  ALL ACCOMPLISHED! And more!

I made the car appointment on my way to buy flowers.  The funny thing with the flowers was… all I needed to do was pull up to the flower stand and pay.  I didn’t have to plant or grow them.  I didn’t even have to load them in my car!  They look REALLY nice and I feel great each time I walked by them! yea.

Now… the “stuff” for sale – all I wanted to do was put out life jackets… roll eyes.  I got distracted 6 times.  SIX!  But I finally got them put out on display at about 7:45 tonight.  In my defense – the boat that came into the dock that was sinking was a little more important.

Seriously, never a dull moment.

We did get it out before it went down.  Whew! But it was a little over whelming as I watched the swim deck go below water and the owner was “kinda” in denial about the urgency of getting his boat to shore.

I did get one more thing done and it wasn’t on my list! – I was able to organize the shelves in our store.  Something else that was really bothering me is bothering me NO MORE!

SO there you have it — Everyone needs to use my “Three Thing List” technique.  I feel accomplished.  I know that I did actually set out to do something AND I DID IT!  I now feel good when I walk by our shelves, I feel good when I see the flowers, I’m happy I have my car appointment, and I’ll feel really good when we sell the life jackets.


Give it a shot. Start your day by making your “Three Thing List” then come back and tell me what you did.  I mean it can’t be any lamer than “make appointment for car” – right????

BTW:  Join my tribe…   start here – Day 18 – Start Now!

“The future is always beginning now.” Mark Strand

Your future begins now.  Or is it Now… maybe now?

Get it?

Your future is always unveiling itself.  That means, what you do right now is super important to what your tomorrow will be.

Alrightie, enough of the hypothetical… how can you apply this?

if you want to be 10 lbs lighter, can you “wish” it to happen?  Nope.  Positive thinking will help,  but pushing away the cupcake is a better plan.

How about your email list?  We’re here to build control over our future so it’s an important topic to discuss.  A good email list will help you to communicate with your customers and build loyalty… but what is a good email list?  Is it 100 people, 800, 3,000?

All of the above. You see, a small list that is loyal is much better than a large disconnected list.  But how do you create this list?

You start.

Imagine 1 months from now being 10lbs lighter.  Well, same concept, imagine 1 month from now having 50 new people on your email list!  This is possible, but it starts today.

This is super important… Every day you need to make the effort to build your list.  Make sure your point of contact with people allows for email options… whether this is an invoice, sign up form, online form or commercial.

Switch to an email first focus.  Sometimes this seems daunting, but start with your future and past at the same time! It’s a little “chicken and egg” but go through old sources and collect the emails you’ve had – you can easily contact these people and ask to join your new list.  At the same time get the form online AND on your front counter to start collecting your now and future people — finally you can create your freemiums to really boost your results.

These very simple strategies will grow your list quickly!  But… your future starts now… I mean now… I mean now…

BTW:  Join my tribe…   start here – Day 16 – Focus!

“I fear not the man who practiced 10,000 kicks, but I do fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Bruce Lee


Just focus.

I’ve used this answer more than once when it comes to a discussion of social media.

Last week I was interviewed for a magazine article about marketing.  And often people will ask, “how did you make over $100,000 in just 15 weeks?” – My answer is, I focused.  It’s how I created the Infinity Marketing Machine.

You need to take your efforts and really streamline what you are doing.

Last summer I set out to try what I thought would be a great path by using email and remaining in constant contact with our customers… and it worked better than I thought.

This really happened because I concentrated my effort on email.  I still use Facebook, but I stopped the 99 other things I was doing, from Twitter to Pinterest.  The real results come with you can build a tribe of loyal customers.

In fact… when you do this you will become unstoppable.

Just remember… email and Facebook worked for my niche – for you it might be YouTube and Pinterest.

Find the platform and focus.

Master your one kick!

BTW:  Join my tribe…   start here – Day 15 – A World Full of Yellow Fuzzy Ducklings!

“How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!” George Elliston

OMG I’ve brought out the cute yellow fuzzy duck.  Clearly, I’m in fighting mode.


It’s been a rough couple weeks and I got to thinking about it yesterday.  So, hear me out.

Yesterday I was stopped in my tracks with a Eureka moment.  There as a tweet out there from our Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.  He tweeted something about Father’s Day and the most wonderful thing that happened in his life was when his kids arrived on the planet.  Yeah, not those words, but you get my point.

Now… Paul Ryan is not one of my favorites… but here’s the scoop.  It was a nice tweet that reminded us of why we celebrate Father’s Day.  And you know what… a bunch of crabby know-it-all freaks hijacked his sentiment with swear words and their political view points of children/borders… you know the drama.

Here’s the deal.  GIVE IT A REST.

If he said “the best part of Father’s Day is…” followed by some statement of the political issue fine, have at it.  Comment away.

But this was a tweet about his personal family memory.  That’s it.  Something like a warm fuzzy duckling.

And that’s when I thought… people have forgotten how to be kind.  They simply think their opinion is to be shared 24/7 and it’s soooooo important that they can blurt out what ever the heck they want, when ever the heck they want.  JUST STOP IT.

It’s time to reel this experiment back in.  And here’s why… it’s spilled over into “the real world”.  People simply think they can say ANYTHING they want in the most crab-apple manner they choose.

There’s no way to even combat it.  People want to be angry and hostile.  They want to fight.  It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve witnessed.  And you know what… nothing has changed in our policies at the Marina since September 2017… but you know what did happen?  October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May!

Eight months have come and gone, so when we opened up this season… BOOM crazy, crabby, hostile, angry and in general ugly behavior has attacked!  I think it’s been brewing and growing over the past 8 months, so while we weren’t open… the anger kept going… until we opened our doors and the Ugly Duck waddled in and started hissing, spitting, pecking, and quacking up a storm!

Here’s a quick thing to remember… When you’re getting ready to send that crabby response OR yell at the counter agent at the airport… Think Kindness… think warm fuzzy yellow ducks.  You can communicate in a kind manner if you imagine yourself holding a teeny tiny little peeping ducky. – Day 14

What can you offer the world that no one else can?

There are moments in my day that I can sit and watch our crew and marvel at the skill they bring to the job.

I received a negative comment today about hiring “kids” and it is really disgraceful when someone makes a comment like this because they underestimate the worth of every person they encounter.  You can’t say this about teenagers and then command great respect for all humans you encounter… think about it.

Well…today I was out on our dock and (without making them nervous) I had an opportunity to watch our new boat drivers.

There’s a difference between driving and docking a boat — our crew members need excellent docking skills.  Goodness, I’ve got some highly talented and great crew members this season.  Today they were landing boats on our launching ramp docks in tandem. It was quite the site.  Again, as I was “not watching” them so they wouldn’t get nervous.  But I WAS watching and they’ve got skills!

My point is this… everyone has a talent.  I hired these “first job” crew members because they could drive a boat. Many can drive the customer boats better than the actual owners.  But the woman that had the negative comments about hiring “kids” simply doesn’t get it.  OR maybe her great superpower is being crabby!  haha  But seriously… she’s quite good at spreading negativity.

Well… as I wrap this post up… what can YOU do better than anyone else?

Me? I can solve a Rubik’s Cube at the same time I can twirl a baton AND tap dance.  Yep. I really can.  I haven’t done it in a while, but I can.

I’m getting ready for an amazing week… how about you? 🙂