7 Seconds to Make a Sale

7 seconds to make a sale!  It’s true. Your audience forms it’s opinion of you as a speaker in the first seven seconds.  Imagine utilizing that knowledge for a sales presentation.  Would you dress differently, concentrate on eye contact, choose your words more carefully?  It’s amazing what that first impression can do and you only get 7 seconds.  

I recently read this article. There are some great hints to improving a speech or speaking event… You may think it doesn’t apply, but really?  That’s all marketers do!
Just when you think an Instagram video (10 seconds max) isn’t long enough… That’s a full 3 seconds longer than the “positive impression” public speaker timeline.
I guess what I’m trying to convey is.., the linked public speaking tips will help in both your online videos and offline presentations, so smile and throw out your script.  Be natural, make hand gestures, and really love it!
The photo I attached is from a social media presentation I delivered at the International Marina and Boat Yard Conference.  Look close, I’m mid-hand gesture.
More ideas at: Big Fish Ideas Website

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