Two Questions to Ask Before You Press Post.

Stop posting crap!  There are two questions you need to weave into your social media plan.

  1. Will my audience find it interesting?
  2. Would I re-post it?

If you answer no to either of the two questions, don’t post it.  If you are posting because you HAVE to get something out there, it’s not worth it… I’ll tell you why.  Whether you realize it or not, you are branding yourself with each post.

Are you a thought leader and influencer or are you that annoying talking head at the party that never shuts up?

The reason people join a blog, follow you, or friend you is because they enjoy your company and want to hear from you.  They “like” you when you say something good.  However, they retweet, repost, and forward your stuff when they want to endorse you.  Think about it… when you check your newsfeed and read stuff, you don’t “like” everything and much rarer do you forward something… the reason is because when you take action you are endorsing it.

Give your followers something to endorse. Something to believe in. Something to re-post!

Granted you won’t hit a home run with every post you write, but the way to get the bases loaded is to answer yes to both of the questions above!

Let’s test it with this article.  When I look at this article I say, “yes” I think people, like small business owners will find it interesting.  As for will they re-post it? Maybe, but more important you’ll talk about it and that is a form of re-posting… which should bring your friends to and ultimately generate more fans for me.  So I’m checking the “yes” column for #2.




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