Paint Your Driveway

Today, as I was flipping through my Facebook Feed, I found a very interesting idea.  It’s not the idea that jumps out as a sponsored ad.  It was an unassuming photo of a baton twirling judge.  She had recently been selected to participate in a competition, she and the other 7 judges were featured on the competition’s posting.

Now, what’s so amazing about that?  Well… her profile photo and the photo they chose to use in the posting is her standing on an animal paw print painted on a driveway… OK it was a bright orange tiger paw that was unmistakable.  Dang!  How cool is that, it was Clemson’s identifier.  It’s a nice photo of her, she clearly likes the school… let’s admit it she likes it so much it’s her profile photo.

SOOOOOOOOOO how can you use this?  Do you have a destination business where you can paint something like your logo on the ground that encourages people to snap a photo and share with the world?  It’s great to have landmarks or scenic views set aside with your business sign. Lots of places do this. I’ve just never seen it done with painted driveway.

Cool idea!  Think about it!




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