Take Home Message

Starbucks serves wine.  Who knew… Well, probably a lot of people that have the fancy new level of Starbucks in their neighborhood.  The type that now wine and dinners.  I found out about it on vacation.

Here’s a neat trick… Starbucks at Disney Springs created their menu in the form a flier.  You can take it home, hang on your fridge!  It’s a great reminder of their evening food selections.  This is a super idea for any take out restaurant and it’s been done for years.


Look at the bottom of the photo.  They left a blank white space so someone (with good handwriting, definitely not me) but someone could use this special place to write a personal note.  

The menu I grabbed talked about “every Thursday” having a wine tasting.  You’d think with an “every” type of occurrence they could just print the same message on every card.  But isn’t it a little refreshing to have a hand written reminder?  I think it is.  It really personalizes the visit.

Try it… If you’ve got a flier with a “bring them back” type of message, (like a menu or rental prices) leave a portion blank to hand write a special note.  

It could even be a great way for your waitstaff to write a “come back soon” message.  Try handing one out when your customer receives their final receipt.



One comment

  1. Sharon Stark · May 25, 2016

    I wish those Starbucks stores were here in MN. Love the menu choices!

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