Episode #47 – Is That Quote Real?

Thanks goes to a tweet from Jen Lehner that inspired this post!  And yes… that’s Washington in the photo…

When you hear a quote or a stat, make sure to question the source. When the bank promotes their 5 Star rating, you need to inquire as to the source. Was this based on a survey of 5 stars or 100. If they are proud of their 5 stars and it’s out of 100… there’s a problem. Always question the source.

This is not a new concept, after all, 4 out of 5 dentists surveyed…  Again, it makes a difference if it was 5 total dentists or 500.   My point is there is a lot of information, quotes and statistics on the internet.  The worst are projections.  The most recent I heard was that within the next 18 months 80% of content online will be video.  OK, that’s a little terrifying.  But it’s also just a quote.  What is important is the trend it is showing.  It might not be 80% of every businesses content, but what it does say is that more and more content will be video based.  It’s a trend you should be aware of and start getting familiar with today.
Action Step
1- Question what you read, especially projections
2- Since video content is becoming more and more popular, get familiar with it.  Even if it means you start recording things that you don’t publish, but you create as practice!

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Listen to Episode #47 of the Two Minute Commute


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