Episode #100 – Goals, Revenge, and Chocolate Chip Cookies

“You can’t do that.” “It will never happen.” “Quit wasting your time.” “Just get a real job” Yesterday I wrote about the “downers” and to get them out of you way. When it comes to your circle of influence… you don’t need them.

Here’s the best remedy to shut them up…

Be Successful.
Simple, eh.

Just work hard and achieve massive success.  Show them you’re not messing around.  Go big or go home.

Have I inspired you?  Now to the “achieve” part of that last statement!  You can say all the positive words, kick all the negative people out of your life, but then what do you do?  You have to have a plan… go one step further… your plan needs a goal.  Not a wishy-washy goal.  A real strong firm goal with deadlines and all.

Let’s review the SMART goal setting technique.  More about it can be found on my website BigFishIdeas.com

S= Specific – very clear on what you want
M= Measurable – it needs a number
A= Attainable – has to be realistic
R= Reward – need an incentive
T=Time Bound – gotta have a deadline

Instead of saying: I want more money…. You need to create a goal, “I will increase sales of X product by 10% by the end of the quarter and then I can go to  will celebrate by doing Y” – this is specific (sales of X), measurable (10%), Attainable – it’s realistic, Reward (you decide Y), and Time Bound… End of the quarter.  That’s next month, better get going!

When you use this type of guideline to goal achievement, you focus your attention and have targets to work toward. It’s an effective tool.  Try it out and share you result on my app at SmallBusinessClubApp.com

Go Go GO!

PS: This is Episode #100… WOW!!!!  I get Chocolate Chip Cookies!  🙂  I love goal setting… Please, celebrate with me and eat a Chocolate Chip Cookie, too!  If you are going to celebrate with me… “like” my post!

Action Step
1- Create a goal to accomplish by the end of the week… and do it.
2- (Eat Chocolate Chip Cookies!)
3- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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