Episode #133 – I Wrote A Post About Emoji’s? Yikes.

Happy World Emoji Day!

Today I was inspired by an email.  Yes… an email.  I opened my email and found a promotion for World Emoji Day.  It was not from the “National Day of” calendar, it was not from the manufacturer of emoji’s, it was from a cookie company.  Cookies shaped like emoji’s.


I’m normally not a huge fan of the “day of” type posts because they seem too contrived.  However, if your business has a natural connection to the “day of” then go for it.  This one is perfect.  It’s eye catching, fun, there’s a promotion code… dang, and it’s cookies.  I mean who doesn’t want a cookie shaped like the “cool” emoji?!?!

I guess this email really stood out to me because… well… what is an emoji?  It’s a non-existent digital entity… right?!  Now it’s a cookie!   Not to mention there’s actually a day designated to celebrate emoji’s… who knew!   Then… after all of that… a business jumped on the “clever bus” and promoted it!

So yes… I was inspired by the email and I too have given in to “World Emoji Day” with my quote.

“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy” A.Chekhov (Trust me… this was not as easy as you think,
Go ahead… try to form one sentence using only emoji’s!)

Happy Emoji Day!

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Action Step
1- Use as many emoji’s as you can today!
2- Browse the upcoming month on the “National Day of” calendar…. is there something that works well with your business?  If yes… get it on your social media calendar!
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