Episode #277 – Picture Perfect Idea You can Use, Too!

Roxanne Rockvam

It’s Saturday – Try This!

I love this idea.  It’s pawsome!  haha

Take photos of your clients… their accomplishments… their stuff!  What ever it is that you do, share it with the world.

This is a photo from a doggy day care in my area.  They take photos of their guests and put them on their walls… it’s not that they just pin them up – they frame them.  It becomes a decorative style AND a representation of their work.

Also… they sell a copy of the print too.  So it becomes a profit center!

How can you do this… I’ve seen before/after for weight loss… or for teens and their orthodontists! We have done a before and after for the algae/scum removal on boat bottoms.  You can put photos up of cars you sell… remember when Saturn used to take photos when customers bought a car?  Then you’ve got winners of awards or people that complete certifications.  How about art work…  there’s a whole bunch of ways to highlight your customers AND show what you do.


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Action Steps
1- What part of your business can you promote by photos of your clients?  Can you highlight a product/service/award?  Find a way!
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