Episode #295 – What Part of Your Trash is Really Treasure?

Roxanne Rockvam

Happy Saturday – it’s our Try This topic and I LOVE this topic.  It’s awesome… its an idea that’s in the bag.  HAHA

Last weekend was the Minneapolis Boat Show. Great event, lots of fun to see so many people excited about boating and dreaming of summer in the dead of winter… well all of these people except my sister who was entertained by a simple bag.

She nearly knocked me down to show me the bag saying, “Look at my bag – I got one!” – I just shrugged at the eternal bargain hunter. However, I needed to know more about this special canvas duffle bag in Minnesota Wild colors.

She said, “Isn’t it cool” – OK it was a nice bag, but “cool” – I mean it doesn’t rank up with the purse that stores 78 items in special compartments (that should make you laugh if you saw the informercials from the early 80s) – this was a just a duffle bag.  Granted, it was well made and roomy… what the heck?

Well… here’s the backstory: This bag was made by a boat canvas shop.  They take all of their scrap pieces over the year and mass produce these “one of a kind” duffle bags, just for the Minneapolis Boat Show.  They pick up over $1,500 from their scraps.  Each bag sells for just $10.00!  AND yes, they sell out.  That’s over 100 bags sold by the final day of the show by a boat canvas shop.

It’s a great bag, it’s a great bargain, and it’s a great good-will piece to show the quality of their work.  Waaaaay better than a business card, eh?!?!

Now that is pretty cool.  (UGH, my sister was right)

So… what do you throw out?  What scraps do you have that could make you $1,000?  It’s time to look at your scraps a little different.


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Action Steps
1- Evaluate your junk, scraps, trash… what is it that you are throwing out that is worth money with a little creative thinking?
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