Episode #313 – Is Your Garbage Can or Cannotting?

“It’s called a garbage can, not a garbage cannot”

Ha ha ha – I think I’m stretching today for the inspiration!  But it cracked me up.

Happy Saturday – it’s our “Try This” topic day.  And today I’m bringing to attention the condition of your garbage can.

Look at your trash bin.

What’s the condition… are there droppings on the side of the piece mission scuffed and overflowing can – is your can “cannotting” right now?  Dang, I entertain myself.

But seriously, how gross does your trash can look?  How about the trash cans all around your property…

For me, bathrooms and trash cans are important.  I cannot stand to go near garbage cans that smell and have bees circling around.  Now that I’m pointing this out it’s going to drive you crazy.  You will totally notice garbage cans everywhere!  It’s true!

Here’s what I noticed at the New Orleans Convention Center.  SUPER CLEAN garbage cans.  Just look at my photo!  What I loved about them is that they had these cute, sweaters… or covers… or something that went around them.  They looked awesome!  Yes, that’s an embroidered Fleur de lis on the side.

It really added to the style and look of the building.  Instead of being an eyesore or not noticed, they created a great impression.  They “Can”!

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