Episode #337 – It’s a Chalk Board, It’s a Clip Board, No It’s a Calendar!

If you’ve got a large wall space, this is a great idea!  If you’ve got a small wall space, it’s still a great idea, you just might need to modify it.

I was leaving the grocery store and I saw this really cool large wall calendar!  It’s awesome.  The clip boards hang on nails… that means you can just move the clip boards around each month.  The clip boards are chalk… so you can write the numbers on them, or the holiday…  and finally, they’re clip board!  You can put coupons or fliers on special days, too!

It just seems like a very creative way to make your in store promotions personalized!

I said early on that if you don’t have a big wall space you’d need to modify… you might utilize this for a special of the week or other centralized customer information location — it’s just a great way to draw attention and regularly update, without being really expensive!

Give it a try.

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