Episode #385 – The Ultimate Check

Roxanne Rockvam

“Action Takers are Money Makers.”

Today’s inspiration is short and sweet! If you want to make money… take action!

I guess I look at it this way… send an email. Make money.  Seriously, what if you could send an email, come back later, and see money in your inbox? That would be amazing!

It’s possible. But, it takes some work.

You must start by collecting names.  OK, this means you must have a way to capture names.  Great, Check.

Then you must take the names and send regular correspondence.  This has to be engaging and entertaining!  OK, Check.

Next, through the regular correspondence your customers develop a loyalty and in turn transition into a tribe.  Yep, Check.

Finally, find products to sell to the list… and that’s where the money is made! Check, Check.

So… what’s the problem?  Why don’t you have any money from your list?  Well, you understand these four steps… but you’ve forgot the very important first step.  That’s the  take action step!  You need to start!  That’s the ultimate check!

Now…go… start!



Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
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Action Steps
1- You can make big money – but you’ve got to take action! Sometimes it really is just the small change of starting.
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