Episode #398 – Prom for Dogs?

Try This!

So how do you create interesting blog posts and email topics?  Look to the popular events of the season and apply it to your business!

It’s prom season and that means doggy daycare!  Really?  Seems a little odd to take a formal gown party for high school kids and celebrate at a doggy day care… but it works!

I received this email a couple days ago — it’s very clever. It made me think that just about any “season” can be adapted to a business. I mean if you can have a prom for dogs…

Here’s the fun part.  It’s a pretty simple promotion.  You need creativity and in the case of the dogs… a few treats, and “dog friendly games” – I almost want to travel across the country to find out exactly what that is… haha.

But seriously.  It’s a very fun way to attract people to your business, learn to look for creative ways to “throw a party” at your business.

Try this!

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Action Steps

1-Look for ways to take an unusual celebration and make it “all your own” at your business… just like celebrating prom at a doggy day care!
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