– Day 3

Roxanne Rockvam

“Every day I get older” – by me!

Yes… today I said this profound statement.  Oh boy.  It’s rather funny when you read it. 🙂  I mean duh, of course every day you are older than the previous.

Here’s the scoop – last night we had the “disaster” of 8 boats returning to our dock late, the “parties” were attending the much bigger bash at one of the islands on the lake… well… there were lots of strange smoking jars and things.  And I’m a little overwhelmed at the nonsense.  So I said, “jeeze, every day I get older” – which made me sound like I was born in about 1702.

Feel free to use my quote, but only if you get the humor!

PS: Still taking a topic regroup break… more to come!


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