– Day 7

Roxanne Rockvam

“Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.”

Something very strange is going on in my world.  I want to know if others are experiencing a complete lack of truth in some of their customer interactions. Now… I’m always one to say, “find new customers” create an avatar, move on…

But this is different.  It feels like something has changed.

I received a “negative” review last week… the review is comical.  It’s so “out there” that you laugh.

The man said I “demanded” a $20,000 late fee?  What?

My Version: A renter called and lied to get me on the phone.  He said his boat died and he was floating in the middle of the lake (during a very big storm).  This call took me away from getting people to our docks safely.  I got on the phone, the renter’s boat worked fine!!!!  The customer was at a dock and he asked about getting a ride, leaving the boat or simply waiting for the storm to end… then he asked how much is the boat worth?  I answered, $20,000…  some how,  from my lips to his keyboard the fish got VERY big.

There are more stories… but I’ll save those for now.

Here’s my advice: If you’re going to write a negative review. Stick to the facts.

If someone writes a review about you and it sounds crazy… it’s actually the best gift ever. No one, I repeat, NO ONE you want to work with will believe the crazy words.

Can you see why I’m on a mini-break?  It’s not really “fun” but it’s necessary!  More info soon…


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