– Day 10

Roxanne Rockvam

“Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the one you miss.”


You wake up busy… you eat lunch busy… and then you go to sleep busy… have you ever wonder what opportunities you give up because you’re busy?

That was what I was thinking of today.  You see my jaw finally does not hurt.  I had to go to the dentist last week, for my coronation.  Get it?  I needed a new crown.  haha.

OK it gets funnier.

As I’m getting my tooth completely cranked on (remember six days later my jaw finally stopped hurting) – I realized, it was less painful having a new crown than it was talking to a customer I encountered the night before… why? My dentist uses Novocaine!

It’s pretty darn bad when you realize that a customer is so intensely painful that you’d rather go through a crown replacement than deal with them… but that’s what happened!

The next step then is to realize, how many other things would I rather be doing that are ENJOYABLE than deal with that customer?  Well, pretty much anything that makes money vs. costs money is the right alternative!  And that’s the equation to focus on.

When you discover you have a “coronation customer”, you’ve got to focus on two things… first, what the heck got you to the situation and second, how to prevent it.

Well, here’s my story… I got to the point that people returning our rental boats late were overwhelming!  It really sucks to have to wait 3 hours because someone simply decides to not come back.  The important thing to focus on is… what change did I make to prevent it?  HA!  I tripled our late fee!

And that’s where the coronation customer came into the picture.  She was ANGRY… spitting mad… actually furious that the late fee was tripled!  Now, she was mad at me BEFORE she started her cruise… she wasn’t late encountering the fee… this was before she ever received the key for the boat!   You know why she was so mad???  She was planning to be late!  Because when I said, “well, unless you’re planning to be late, the price of the late fee is irrelevant” oh… she was… well…

Let’s just say, she won’t be signing up for my fan club anytime soon… but it did solve my late boat problem (so far) so I won’t be needing another coronation for a while… I hope!

Yes Yes Yes… I’m still on a mini-break… more soon…

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