“You learn something every day if you pay attention.” Ray LeBlond

Facebook’s a waste of time… right?  Or at least a huge time suck.

AND look what I do… I teach how to use social media to financially impact your business… and I think it’s a bunch of time you’ll never get back!

But you know what… every once in a while there’s a little nugget of gold.

This morning I was checking my feed.  I found a bunch of posts that irritated me because I disagree… there were a few posts I agreed with… there was this hilarious video of a woman at the beach who fell in a hole… no really it was funny.

And then there was a video by a man that filmed what happened to his granddaughter at their own swimming pool.

I almost skipped by it… but for some reason, I kept watching.  It was about 1:30 and he was showing what happened when he put a life vest on his toddler.

Growing up in the boating business… I mean growing up on a boat – my first boat ride was when I was 6 days old… I have an affinity to water safety.  OK, I almost drown three times as a child, it’s amazing I like swimming!


This grandfather put a normal looking life vest on correctly — it’s the time with a collar on it.  Commonly called a “heads up” life jacket – it’s designed well to pluck your kid out of the water because it has a loop behind the head!

The next step, he demonstrated the use of the life jacket.


Wholy crap.

I learned today that a Type II life jacket actually says, “Will turn SOME unconscious wearers face-up in water. Poor performer in rough water, often requires you to tread water in order to keep your head above water.”

Toddlers would have a very difficult time rolling face up and treading water!

This lead me to check our inventory in our store at the marina AND now I’m on a quest to find the appropriate Type 1 Vests for young kids!

So there you go… Facebook was VERY valuable to me today.  Just goes to show you really can learn something every day if you pay attention!


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