– Day 20 – Create the Life You Want

Roxanne Rockvam

“Nobody has everything but everybody has something”

Today’s inspiration is a lot like my belief that you can have it all… just not all at the same time.

Think about it, over the course of your life you’ve had happiness, wealth, success, health, family, independence, etc. … lots of separate things – sometimes a few at the same time, but never at the same time.

Women certainly have the biggest reality gap when this concept comes to life.  Often you hear of some sort of unsatisfactory life ambition because work, family, wealth just don’t come together.  Well… you can “have it all” just not at the same time.

Sorry if that’s a bummer to realize, it is just a fact.

It’s funny, today I had a girl tell me about how this singer she followed on Instagram had kids and a singing career… (implying that her life looked easy) when I said, “she has people” she doesn’t do it herself… it was like I burst her bubble!

I’m just a fun wrecker! haha — But look at today’s inspiration again… nobody has everything (like the singer) but everybody has something (like money) so you can make your life look completely flawless and put together.

So there’s a little motivation to get you through your day… you’re working hard to create the life you want, on your terms.

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