– Day 34 – Match Your Message.

Roxanne Rockvam

“There’s a significant difference between a leader and a cheerleader”

Yesterday we chatted about the power of consistency.  It’s critical to your Infinity Marketing Machine to provide content to your readers on a consistent schedule.

Here’s the deal with this short guideline… and that’s the type of content!

I like to use the marina industry… well… because I’m familiar with it!

So here’s the deal.  What do you think of when you think of boating?  Sand beaches, blue waters, fishing, the list goes on and on…

Well, in terms of today’s inspiration – it’s VERY easy to be a cheerleader of the boating industry.  You can EASILY provide a post every single day… if you want to provide boating tid bits.  But guess what?


You have an audience and they want to hear information about THEM.  If you remember nothing else, remember this… people only care about themselves!

Here’s why.  In my very simple example, of sand beaches, blue waters, fishing – you can’t go wrong, right?


Being from Minnesota… what happens if I provide a photo of “fishing tips” to my audience.  The photo I choose has aqua blue waters, white sand beaches, and a large tarpon?  NO ONE WOULD CARE!  However, if I show a 20′ bass boat, with navy blue waters, pine trees and a guy in a flannel shirt holding a northern pike… now someone will read it!

You must know your audience to provide information relevant to them.  They must be able to put themselves into the story.  This is how you build a connection with your audience and transform them into a tribe.

Trust yourself and become a leader of your tribe by providing information that is what your tribe desires instead of throwing anything “general” out there to see if it is well received.

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