– Day 41 – The Right Way to Be Crazy Online

Roxanne Rockvam

“Without commitment You will never start, more importantly, without consistency, You will never Finish.” – Denzel Washington

This quote is amazing!  I can tell you the story of consistency (which I will) – but the story of consistency is of someone that is already creating something… what this quote highlights is the need to start!

That means you can think all you want about the Infinity Marketing Machine – you can plan, you can imagine, and you can visualize – but this is not the same as sitting down at a blank screen and writing or recording a podcast.

I write every day for two reasons – the first is I have something to say (well… usually… sometimes my posts can be kinda lame) – but I also write everyday because I need that consistency.  If I left it up to once a week, I’m not sure I could commit to the topic.  But everyday is a pattern that I need!  Now… that’s me.  What’s best for you is going to be whatever works for you.  There is no set rule for what consistency means… except that it needs to be consistent!  And that’s our topic for today – The third C of the Infinity Marketing Machine, Consistency.

If you commit to creating content once week – you must follow through.  It’s like a promise you keep.  If you fail to keep the promise you disappoint.  You might not think it’s a big deal, but remember the fundamental goal of the Infinity Marketing Machine is trust.

The way you build trust is to provide content consistently.  If you post 7 times in two days, then disappear for a week, followed by 8 posts in an hour, then wait two days, and post the next three days in a row… you give off a “crazy” vibe!

Your goal is to provide a nice, calm, reliable, consistent vibe!  At the core, “consistency” is boring….but it’s vital!  When you make the decision to start your Infinity Marketing Machine – you must have the follow through to create your content at the interval you select.

Remember. It’s OK if your content is goofy, silly, and crazy – as long as it’s NOT because it’s inconsistent.  Leave the “crazy” for words… not delivery,  and you’ll create a stable vibe that builds trust!

Tomorrow we’ll tackle the 4th C – Customers!  Make sure to come back.

I’m so excited you’re here… I wish you’d join my tribe –  start here

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