– Day 45 – Get Specific!

Roxanne Rockvam

“Are you getting up today to chase your dreams?”

You want to wake up ready to chase your dream?  Well, then you better figure out what that dream is!

Now… I’m not a big fan of the word dream.  After all a dream is just a goal without a plan.  Instead, figure out the goal.

That way – if you have a goal you will get up ready to chase it.

Now… I also don’t like the word chase.  I mean, it’s fine… but chasing something just makes me think of running around without a hope of catching something.  I like more concrete processes.

So… I’d encourage you to participate in SMART goal setting (Strategic, Measurable, Attainable, Reward, Time Bound) – goal achievement technique.

If you’re feeling a little lost in creating your Infinity Marketing Machine, look into the future and discover the WHY you are creating it — is it for financial freedom or to gain 800 followers… what ever it happens to be make it a clear attainable SMART goal.

When you get specific and really focus on what you want and THAT’S how you can live today’s inspiration and chase your dreams!

Ready… set… go!  Join my group!  start here

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