– Episode 415 – Repeat.

The key to happiness:  1- order pizza 2- eat pizza 3- repeat

Friday: Big Money

Have you ever thought of how happy you are when a fresh pizza just shows up at your door?  You imagine the pizza, you call the pizza shop, and about 30 minutes later there’s a “ding dong” and the pizza you dreamed about magically shows up.

Every day… this happens over and over and over.

Think of the Infinity Marketing Machine like a pizza ordering machine… BUT… instead of pizza you’re working to create a money machine.

It’s true.

You’re creating a group of followers that trust you and are ready to purchase more and more stuff!  It’s like they want to buy pizza from you over and over!

Here’s the cool thing.  You don’t actually have to create a product.  When you send a newsletter out, use affiliates to control your own advertising.

You should make it relevant… but think about what relevant is.

I can easily think of a scenario where you send your newsletter around the lunch hour and along side your fancy news information you have a photo of yourself eating pizza!  Below the photo is the affiliate link to pizza hut.  Your reader sees you eating the pizza… and soon, the pizza magically appears at their door AND you receive a commission!

Next week… repeat your money machine by offing a different affiliate product in your newsletter!

All I want you to do now is… find the product that your followers will take action on!

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