– Episode #418 – Simple and Boring

“If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.”

Tuesday: Content & Consistency

Have you ever wanted to “win” something. Now I don’t necessarily mean a trophy… I mean you’ve got a goal, you work hard to achieve it… then you look around and think “now what”.

Sometimes it’s easy to strive and achieve a goal…

The reason it’s easy is because you put a lot of energy into a plan.  But how many people actually put a plan in to maintaining?

I would almost be willing to say never.

That’s because consistency is not “valued”.  How many commercials have you seen where they promote the consistency… think about financial products.  Do they market the $250 you put away each month, forever?  No, they promote that you can retire before you die.

Same with weightloss… they never show what happens after the fatty turns slim.  They only show the before and after… not the “after after” where each and every day they’re STILL counting calories.

Consistency is BORRRRRRING.

But it’s vital.

When you decide to create a regular communication channel with your cutomers.  In other words when you decide to become the “vibe behind your tribe”.   You’ll find out that consistency is necessary – but not sexy.

You must have a plan.  Plan for consistency.  Decide that you will post once a week or twice a week at the same time… come up with “programming” – I do a different topic each day which helps me maintain consistency.


Creating the blog and coming up with the plan is fun.  Sitting down and writing is fun but when you have lots of other things you’re working on, it can seem less than necessary.  However, if you don’t want to get fat you need to count calories.  If you want to retire, you need to accumulate money.  If you want to keep your followers around, you need to provide content consistently.

It’s Simple and Boring … but developing a plan for consistency will make you consistent.

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