– Episode 430 – My Top 5 Go-To’s For Content Creation When You Can’t Think of Anything to Post

“It’s easy to make good decisions when there are no bad options.”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency

So you woke up and you feel like… “I need to post something” – “I guess it’s just time to chat a little with my tribe.”

Remember, our goal is not to “post for the heck of posting”.  Our goal is to provide useful information that our tribe craves.

But this does get hard at times…

The type of information you strive to create is relevant and it elevates your status as a Subject Matter Expert.

SO what the heck?  How do I do this… It sure seems like a lot of pressure!

Well, it’s not that bad – let’s review “My Top 5 Go-To’s For Content Creation When You Can’t Think of Anything to Post” that provide a frame work that you can utilize to give your tribe that information they crave!

Yes… it is this easy.

My Top 5 Go-To’s For Content Creation When You Can’t Think of Anything to Post

  1. Create an FAQ list!  Just come up with a top three questions you’re asked and list them with the answers!  It’s definitely information your tribe wants because… well… they’re already asking you for it!
  2. Behind the Scenes:  Is there some sort of “sneak peek” you can give your tribe?  Maybe it’s a shipment of “stuff” that arrived and you can open the boxes on a video… how about explaining how you make something… really, the things that seem mundane to you are only mundane because you do it ALL THE TIME… it’s new, fresh, and unique to your tribe!
  3. Inspirational Quotes: hummmm… notice anyone that uses this idea?  OH yes, it’s my go-to!  I really enjoy inspirational quotes, they motivate me… that means I’m able to write with a focus and share a message.  Give it a try!
  4. Challenges:  Give your audience a challenge.  For example, you could run a volunteer drive OR you could even just challenge them to use your services.  Imagine owning a gym… challenge to visit 5 times a week!  If you are at a marina… provide the forecast and challenge to take a beautiful photo you can share (you even get a whole series of posts when they share!)
  5. Announcements:  Is there a special coming up?  How about a holiday? Maybe a community event… use the opportunity to give your tribe a unique angle on a local town event or your personal business event!

There you have it, print this out and keep it by your desk – when you’re “lost” for what to post, don’t provide something dumb.  Instead, go to your “go to” list and find a framework that allows you to share some useful information your tribe will appreciate!

Tomorrow it’s midweek motivation!  Come back and be inspired!  PS:  Like my vibe? Join my tribe! start here



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