– Episode 463 – How Do You Solve A Problem? Create It!

“By the time you read this comment, I will have finished writing it.” SMcKee

Friday – Big Money Small Change

The obvious is very important.  That’s why I’m including a picture.

When you have a captive audience, entertain them.  I recently went to the gas station and of course, I get the TV screen that annoys me.  It shows the weather forecast and some word of the day, followed by a news story.  Great.  I’m entertained.

But why am I thirsty?

I’m totally not listening to the TV and really not reading the messages… but you know what, the ad along side the gas pump focuses on an emotion.

The obvious part of the picture is to occupy the down time of your customers, like in a waiting room, hotel room, restroom, lines, gas pump, etc.

But go one step further.  Focus on an emotion.

The message is not “did you forget milk?”, “do you need an energy drink?”, “how about some water?”… AND it’s not “are you thirsty?” The ad is in fact, telling the person reading that they are getting VERY thirsty.

It’s one ad placement that focuses on one profit center they sell, but it puts the customer at the center of it all to solve their problem.  The problem you’re telling them they have!

Start with the obvious and focus on the why.  This is a Big Money Small Change advertising winner…


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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