– Episode 464 – Go Live, Get Pearls!

Saturday: Try This!

Go Live!

Ok, it’s not exactly what you think… but we’ll get to the thing you are thinking of!

EPCOT at Disney World is kind of a cool place. I like the International Showcase. I was a student in Japan for a semester and the EPCOT version is pretty true to real which makes me believe the other countries are realistic, too.

The last time I was at EPCOT I noticed a new attraction. Inside the Japan shopping store (which really is like the department stores in Japan) – they had a cool, live, interactive feature of finding a pearl in an oyster.

I noticed it because of all the people standing around watching… well, that made me need stop and watch!

The excitement of just opening the oyster to see the treasure inside is fun enough, but the addition of an overhead video monitor to “see for yourself” when you’re standing behind a row of three deep people is… thoughtful.

It’s worth considering as a business in the recretainment industry (any industry specializing in recreation or entertainment) you need to add a live feature.  The oyster/video monitor is a wonderful example.

Back to my original “Live” hint… you can use live on a social platform, too.  How?  Anytime you take the opportunity to communicate with your audience in a “real time” fashion is… cool.  Could you imagine getting a lunch time view of the beach at your favorite resort?  That would be amazing!

Use your creativity and add an experience!


Tomorrow… come back for my “Week In Review”!
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