– Episode 466 – Barkworthy Content

Roxanne Rockvam

“One dog barks at something, and a hundred bark at the bark.” Chinese Proverb

Tuesday: Content and Consistency

Mr. Pancake is helping me out with today’s post.  That’s the dog in the photo… he is the perfect inspiration for today’s theme.  After all, I took this photo and three seconds later he was on full alert because a dog outside barked.

This allows me to ask the question, do you bark at something or just bark because someone else did?

Meaning… do you provide content that people want to read, or do you just pass along “stuff”.

Not every piece of content you write or record will bring you tons of likes or comments, but you need to make sure that you’ve got something to say!

Create a content calendar for yourself!

This doesn’t have to be super intense, but it will help to put important dates for your business in one central location.  I recommend doing this once a month… let’s say the 25th…  that way you don’t miss the 1st!

Include all of your important deadlines, National “day of” events, town festivals, and tribe building things like birthdays!

I created a “Best and Simple” version that I sell on Etsy — you can check it out.  Honestly, you can do this on your own with a few moments of quiet and a blank calendar, but check it out and see if it would be helpful to you!

Remember, it’s OK to bark with the crowd… but sometimes you need to bark first!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Midweek Motivation”!
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