– Episode 478 – Keep Writing. Just Keep Writing.

Roxanne Rockvam

“Just because you can’t measure it doesn’t mean it’s not real”

Tuesday: Content & Consistency

If you can’t measure it if you can’t manage it.  Yeah… that’s true and yet it’s not. There are times I create content and I wonder if anyone is reading it.

Most recently was our newsletter, TonkaThursday.

We have been creating this for a little over a year.  And you can monitor open rates and you can monitor how many are on your subscription list… but it’s hard to monitor it’s impact.

This newsletter is not about our marina, it’s about activities in our surrounding area.  The festivals and gatherings are emphasized. We rarely put information about our marina in the newsletter, other than on the masthead.

SO… is it effective?

Well, yesterday a customer stopped in our store and signed up for Winter Storage.  He was getting ready to leave the state for the winter.  He said, “will I still get TonkaThursday”?  He went on to say that many times he and his wife would look at it to find out what to do over the weekend.

It’s hard to monitor effectiveness of the publication, but one customer, leaving the state, is looking to stay connected with the area… so much so that he stopped in to make sure of it!

This is the best feeling of all!  It’s the reason we work so hard on creating content for our Infinity Marketing Machines.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Midweek Motivation”!
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