– E493 – Ho HO Whole Lot of Money

Roxanne Rockvam

“Opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared.”

Friday: Big Money Small Change

Ho Ho HO!  It’s October 26 and we’re ready for Christmas!

But it’s not even Halloween yet?  Are we rushing it?

Well today is “Big Money Small Change” Day and that means we look for easy ways to make more money that do not cost a whole lot… I like to focus on things you’re doing at your small business, especially things that are done online.

Today, I’m sharing a post from… October 5!  Twenty-one days ago!  Imagine Santa and a big belly howl, “Merry Christmas”!  Along with the “ta da” music.

If you think October 26 is too early for your Christmas Promotions to begin… you are actually twenty-one days behind this ad!

Now, I like the ad… because I like cookies… but look at how cute the cookies are!


The photo is very easy to understand, you see the rolling pin… it matches the pattern in the cookie.  There are absolutely no directions!  The ad implies it’s really that easy…

But for us we are less concerned with the functionality of the product and more concerned with the metrics of the ad!  It was placed October 6th!  It now takes somewhere around 12+ “touches” to get a response out of your customers… meaning they need to see your ad 12 times before it breaks through the “noise” of their world and they take action.

Do you really want to wait until after December 1st… or after Thanksgiving… or After Halloween?

NO — just like today’s inspiration states… If you want opportunities, you’ve got to be ready!  This rolling pin seller is READY!

It’s your turn… GET READY, NOW!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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