– Episode 494 – Bond With Your Area

Roxanne Rockvam

Saturday: Try This!

Make a connection.  Recently I stayed at a nearby hotel.  It’s just a chain hotel but the neat thing they have done is selected decor that bonds with our resort area.

They have selected to do it via historical photos.  Sure, some visitors may not notice they are specific to the area because they look like art.

But…. if you have a connection to the area you quickly realize they are actually “old time” lake photos.  The one below is the steamboat docks in Excelsior from the 1800’s.  The docks are still there, but the steam boats have been swapped out for large dinner cruise boats.

Other examples I’ve seen in our area include the two grocery stores have named the aisles after the bays on our lake.  There are at least two other hotels that have named their ball rooms after the bays.

So whether it’s aisle names, photos, restaurant food names, or even specials…select your area attractions or even school colors/mascots! There are many ways to show your customers that you are part of the community.  We strive to attract customers that know, like, and trust us… when you strengthen the bond you will build loyalty.  This is critical to your Infinity Marketing Machine!

Try This!


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