– Episode 499 – How Does a Train Go Places But Never Moves?

Roxanne Rockvam

“Art Is The Expression Of Those Beauties And Emotions That Stir The Human Soul”

Friday: Big Money Small Change

I never knew that dashes, slashes, commas, and circles could be art… but they can be.

When you embrace creativity in your posts you can create magic.  Amtrak did.  It’s not often that a “RT for good luck” actually works.

Think about it.

Do you regularly forward posts that beg to become viral or do you “thumbs up” or likes?  That rarely works.

But, look what Amtrak did…

They used the same characters that you have on your keyboard!  You could create this artwork… but you also know how difficult it is.

Look how many retweets… 8.452!  This is great for name recognition and for branding.  It’s a great “big money small change” idea… however, you cannot create a viral post by begging – you need to create magic.  Sure, you can ask for the RT – and that’s ok.

But… posting/forwarding is a social activity forces people think twice before doing it, BECAUSE it’s a reflection on them.

Your best chance at any sort of traction or any opportunity to become viral is by creating great content.  Ironically, as shown by the Amtrak tweet, content that is typed does not have to be able to be read!

(\ (\
( -.-)


See… Easter Bunny or Santa are pretty easy to create – all it takes is a quick search!  So Hop to It – Santa’s watching… 🙂


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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