– Episode #501 – No Matter How Much You Hate It, Become An Expert at Running.

Roxanne Rockvam

“Embrace Your Expertise”

Monday: Character (Subject Matter Expert)

It’s ironic.  We focus on our weakness and then wonder why we don’t excel.

I’ve always wondered why we do this, especially with tests.  I can remember taking tests in school and the next day you’d get the graded test back… and immediately you’d look at the grade, then focus on all the answers you got wrong.

Why do we focus on this?

I also remember being really terrible at running and having my gym teacher tell me I need to focus on running… at this point I was a State Champion at baton twirling, a sport which requires zero running.  Yet… my teacher wanted me to focus my effort on running.

That seemed crazy to me.  I hate running. I’m not good at it.  I loved baton twirling. I was good at it.  So why on earth would my teacher say to focus on running… that’s dumb.

We need to focus on what we do really well, and pay other people to do the stuff we are awful at.

It’s that simple.  Minus the running, but there are days it would be awesome if you could pay someone to exercise for you! 🙂

But seriously, I think these early years of upside down and backward messaging screws us up later in life when we need to market ourselves as experts.

Think about a job interview… I know you have your own business so you don’t do that… but you have had one in the past.  They are horrible and uncomfortable because you’re there to “sell” yourself as an expert.

Well… we still do this in our everyday representations as a business owner.  You meet with people, share knowledge, and sell yourself!  Therefore, you must step past the shortcomings of your youth, the “work on your weaknesses” and spend time focusing on the “wrong test answers” and instead…

Believe you are an expert, right down in your soul!

You are an expert.

Today, use this new superpower and talk to someone KNOWING you are an expert.

Embrace Your Expertise.



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