– Episode #506 – Chalkboards are the New Social Media?

Saturday: Try This

Ideas like this make me smile.  The reason I’m so happy with this idea is because of multi-benefit it creates!

It is also super simple!

Get a chalk board… or a dry erase board… or one of those neon boards.

Next, hang it up in your store or your office.

Get into a pattern of writing a “thought of the day”

Finally, post on social media sites.

Here’img_8043.pngs the multi-functional part… You create content, you create content EASILY, your “real world” visitors and staff get the benefit of the positive vibe AND you get the extra mileage of posting online!

You can also do modified version of a “special of the day”… “featured <thing> like a dress, car, dancer” really anything that relates to your business can because your local star of the day!

It’s just a fun idea with so many possibilities.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Week in Review”!
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Saturday – Try This!
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