– Episode #535 – Ask The Dog!

Roxanne Rockvam

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“I can train any dog in 5 minutes. It’s training the owner that takes longer.” Barbara Woodhouse

Friday: Big Money Small Change

Sometimes people take a little longer to pick up on tricks. But here’s one that came across my Facebook feed and I just had to share it!

This is the time of year that pajama grams really kick up their viability. They are everywhere!  You see them on TV and the internet.  It’s one of those products I’ve seen but never purchased – it’s kind of like a Chia Pet… although I have to admit I’ve bought that one.

Well… this year it looks like Pajamagram is Leveling Up their game.  They appear to have done something so spectacular that I needed to share it on “Big Money Small Change” day.  Because it really is a small change, something you may be able to do, too.

Add a “matching” thing to your product.  Pajamagram has added matching dog jammies!  What product is so useless and so wanted at the same time?  Dogs do not need clothing but their owners really love making their dog special.

This product seriously does not have any “need” factor HOWEVER it’s awesome because the upgrade and impulse buy factor of it is overwhelming.  Everyone wants to match their dog, right? Well, no one asked the dog.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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