– Episode #545 – Goal + Plan + Future = Success

Roxanne Rockvam

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday: Midweek Motivation


Is it already Wednesday?  It’s crazy how we lose time when holidays happen!

Well… I’ve got another “lose time” reality check for you.  This time next week we’re already one full day into the new year!


That means we start to think of resolutions.  These might be prompted by stepping on the scale or opening a credit card bill… but it always goes to one thing.

We need a change.

Now here’s the great big secret of resolutions… very few people keep them.  I mean, do you even remember what your resolution for 2018 was?  If you do, I give you huge points… if you’ve kept it, wow!  That’s awesome.

But the sad truth is Resolution are wishes/dreams – and you know… a dream is just a goal without a plan.

Therefore… today… I want you to think about what a “resolution is for you” and instead of vowing to make it happen… develop a plan to achieve your goal.  Because, remember… I hate setting goals, I like achieving goals.

One great way to set up your plan to achieve your goal is to use SMART goal setting.  Use the acronym to build your plan (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reward, and Time Bound)  I believe that achieving a goal will happen if it is specific and measurable.  Some people need the reward/incentive, others need a deadline… but if you don’t define and measure… how will you know you attained it?

My other piece of wisdom… don’t lose 10 pounds or pay off your credit card.  Heck! That made your life easier! haha — what I mean is this, change your lifestyle.  You need to focus on “after the goal is attained” for meaningful change.  Focus on living a life that is 10 pounds lighter or focus on having a zero balance on your credit card.

Your goal + plan + the future = success.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Infinity Customer”!
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