– Episode 548 -Make It Simple

Roxanne Rockvam

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Saturday: Try This

Here’s a quick but great idea for our Saturday “Try This” topic!

I was wondering what the spring break schedule was for our local school district.  I asked Siri and she came up with a link for the district page.  Sure it was the page with the calendar, but here’s the cool part.

Right on the main menu it says, “One page printable” – this is the most helpful idea!

The district could have posted a graphic on the page that showed the dates and that would have been sufficent.


They went the extra mile (which isn’t difficult) to post a PDF version so you can print out and put on the refrigerator…

Think about what services you offer at your business.  Is there a way that you too can create a one page PDF download?

Try This!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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