– Episode 609 – Your Achilles Tendon Makes Me Passionate

Roxanne Rockvam

Quote: “Expertise without passion is not always effective”

Monday: Subject Matter Expert


Have you ever watched a performance with an actor and thought, they’re a good actor but you didn’t feel any emotion watching the performance?

How about watching a football game and leaving with a “ho hum” type of feeling?

What about visiting a business, let’s say a car dealership, and you liked the car, but wern’t really excited to purchase… yet a week later you purchased from a competing car dealer?

The reason is passion.

All three scenarios had expertise but lacked passion.  You need to share you knowledge with passion to be remembered and to build trust with your tribe.  It’s the way you stand out.

About two years ago I hurt my Achilles tendon.  It is not easy to heal this type of injury.  Mostly it involves rest and stretching… mine is MUCH better.  But here’s the funny thing, I looked up online for a “cure” – I came across these two doctors who have coined them selves “the two most famous physical therapists on the internet” their video is good and it’s helped me HUGE.


Here’s why I mention it.  You watch the video for a cure to your pain… but you TRUST them because they have passion for their topic.

Think about it… this is health information for an injury and yet, within about 30 seconds you trust them.  That’s remarkable.

Watch the beginning of the video, it’s a great example.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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