– Episode #621 – Building The Tribe Within Your Tribe

Roxanne Rockvam

Quote: “When you let go of the ordinary, you make way for the priceless.”

Saturday: Try This

Loyalty programs are an “easy” way to build your tribe… and I say “easy” because the right program can make it a breeze.

If you don’t use the correct program… total headache. You’re not looking for a new job just a way to bond your vibe!

Now… here’s the deal.

It’s STILL fun to receive mail. And that’s where I wanted to show you the rewards program for our dog food store!

They print the rewards certificate inside the front cover of a fantastic news catalog brochure thingie.

Funny thing is… I JUST noticed the rewards coupon in January,

I’m a smart person… just sometimes not the most observant since Mr Pancake (best dog ever) is six.

Since my reward is around $40 a quarter… I’ve thrown away… roughly… $1000 – YIKES!

However… even though I’ve “missed” the rewards certificates… this is still a great idea and something important for our “try this” topic.


We all need to create “touch points” with our tribe – -look at this.  Once a quarter (most people look forward to the real money certificate) now I do, too….haha — but you have an audience WAITING for your communication.


You give them valuable information.

This isn’t junk mail.

It’s something your tribe waits for and bonds with.

Here’s the deal… you don’t have to do this in depth of a publication to make it valuable.  Simpley using a rewards program AND giving valuable information associated with it naturally creates an “insiders” type of group — a tribe within your tribe.

Try This!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Week in Review”!
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