– Episode 650 – Make Money With A Stroll Down Memory Lane.

Roxanne Rockvam

Quote: “Change is a good thing. How you grow from it is a great thing.”

Friday: Big Money Small Change


When old is new again!  This is a great strategy for bringing in traffic to your site. AND we all need traffic… right?


This was a post I saw yesterday… it has a video drive of the University of Illinois campus from 1994 on the left and a 2019 view on the right.

I’ve never been to campus – but it’s really fun to watch!  You do get to see how much the campus has changed.  It reminded me of my time in school.

So why do this?

It’s a total tribe builder!  Bring up those memories!  What ever your history is… share it.  Now the one thing I’d tell you to do to enhance your post is to add a link for a product you sell.

Imagine if on this post they linked to a sweatshirt?  With 373 shares at the time I screen shot… WOW lots of opportunities to click and buy!  Right?!?!?!!

Take a stroll down memory lane and make a little money.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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