– Episode 653 – Ground Speed and Happy Places

Roxanne Rockvam

Quote:  “Find your tribe. There are definitely people who will understand you.”

Tuesday:  Content and Consistency


Do you ever feel like no one understands you… or that maybe you’re worried when you create your blog posts that you’ll “miss the mark”?

Don’t worry about it.

Remember… when you are creating your gift of content your goal is to build trust.  The way to build trust is to speak directly to the people you WANT to attract.

When you speak to everyone you speak to no one.  Think about it… if a political candidate speaks to “everyone” they’re not remembered, but those that pick a “controversial” stance will be remembered.

The same goes for your tribe.

For example sometimes when you speak to your tribe, you speak to just your insiders and the content is ONLY for the people that “know” the tribe secrets.

Here’s how I came to realize this trick.  Apparently in 1964 Ford came out with the Mustang.  It started a trend of small, spots cars that became a category, the pony car.

Well, of course they’re called pony cars, the Ford Mustang got it all rolling, and a Mustang is a horse.  Except, when it isn’t.

Get this…

The Ford Mustang was actually named after the P-51 fighter bomber that made it’s debut in the US Army Air Corp (US Air Force) in 1940.

Alrightie… What does that have to do with something that is just for the tribe?  Well, have you ever looked at the flight tracker during an airline flight?  The speed will be converted to “ground speed” for you.

Again… what does this have to do with Tribe Building?

In the rented 2019 Mustang convertible we drove on our last trip to Florida, my member of the Mustang tribe (the husband), suddenly started laughing.  I asked him what it was and, grinning, he pointed at the speedometer which was displaying our “ground speed.”


It was that moment when you wonder if you should actually ask, “What?” or just leave your husband be in his “happy place”.

So I played and said, “What??”.

I was confused of course, because I’m not a member of the tribe and that message was for him, not me.  He then gave me the “five minute” explanation… on and on… for the next half hour.

Insert voice of The Peanuts teacher…

BTW… the top was down, it was warm and sunny, and I earned a great blog post topic to share with you!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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