– Episode 738 – Why All Things Fake Will Be Punished…

Roxanne Rockvam

Quote: “Success in any relationship or endeavor begins with trust” Truett Cathy

Monday: Credibility


“Fake it till you make it.” we’ve all heard this catch phrase.  But here’s the scoop…  I predict something interesting is going to happen, and I think it will happen soon.

I believe all things fake will be punished.

There are four solid components of creating credibility for your business reputation.  They are to be trustworthy, consistent, competent, and genuine.

Do you trust a doctor that comes into your pre-op room and says, “OH we’ll get rid of that tonsil problem in no time” but you’re actually there for knee replacement?  Nope.  This would inspire absolutely no confidence.

These four components work in harmony.

However, we often operate (no pun intended) from the stand point of “fake it till I make it” – and most of the time it’s OK to fake the process.

For example, you’re not a consistent on your social media, it doesn’t feel natural.

Well… pretend you are! You’ve got to get into the habit and start.  Previously, you may never have been consistent, now you trying – however, until you are solid with the habit you’re “faking it”

But you can never “fake” the credibility stuff like your education, credentials, expertise, or social proof.

It’s the last one that I’m referring to in the “I believe all things fake will be punished” very soon.

Mark my words.  Coming soon the backlash against all things that have “tricked” us will be enormous.

The concept of “reality TV” is a great example.   This is not reality.  It’s scripted actors.  We are drawn into the “lives” but it’s not real.

It’s like “faking” positive reviews.

OR it’s like selling a car but instead of taking a photo of your current 2013 car you use the manufacturer’s stock photo from when it’s new.

I predict we are going to have a very big swing back to all things simple, trustworthy, and verifiable.

It just feels like we’re going to hit an era when scandals start to emerge.  We’ve seen it in the past in isolated cases when trusted leaders, officials, volunteer organizations, corporations, foundations, political leaders fall, but imagine when you get several of those tied together… it’s going to be a very loud thud.

How can you weather this?  Build genuine credibility now.  You may already be honest and genuine.  But really push this as your main talking points.

Look to where your traffic is coming from and build your own data base.

All things “fake” will be off limits that means traffic from paid sponsors, such as influencers.  As I’m observing trends, I think this backlash against fake will be huge.  When we start to doubt the main leaders like political and religious leaders or we start to doubt trusted charities and corporations the next to fall will be anything that doesn’t “feel” real like celebrities, reality TV, and that leads to micro-celebrities (influencers).  Many are real, but getting paid to pitch a product might turn off an important revenue stream for your business.

You need to prepare for this now.

Build your own audience and do nothing but build trust.

Start today.



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