– Episode 757 – The Reason Building a Tribe is the Easiest Form of Social Media Marketing

Roxanne Rockvam

Quote: “The more we value things outside our control, the less control we have.” – Epictetus

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Are you tired of trying to understand social media posting?  Like you hear things like “post twice a day on instagram” or “you need to post daily on Facebook but when you do this you need to have one piece of content that is a video”  OR you need a social presence on all platforms…


It’s enough to make you quit!

Then I came across today’s quote and it ‘s totally applicable to your social media plan.

OK , did you catch the last word?


You need a plan and then you can jump into your social media.

But back to the quote… it’s when you value things out of your control the less control you’ll have….

This means if you value all things social media and run toward every “shiny new thing” you’ll spin out of control and that will make you feel like you’re totally out of control

AND you’ll quit.

Don’t quit.

Tuesday is the day we chat about Content & Consistency.

This is the CORE of the Infinity Marketing Machine.

Remember… the whole reason we’re here is to build a tribe.  A tribe of loyal customers that have transformed from “one and done” to “infinity buyers” this gives us the option to offer items for sale to a group that “knows likes and trusts us” – and this converts to money.


The only way to have this type of resource, meaning the only way to have a tribe, is to entertain them with information they want!

And that’s your content.

Entertain them with useful information that bonds them to you!  Stuff they want, stuff they need, and stuff they don’t know they need but you know they need it.


You need to provide this information at regular intervals… think of the 10:00 news.  If you tuned in to your TV to watch the news and the 10:00 news started at 8:45pm – you’d be confused, even angry…. what about if you had to wait until 10:22 it would annoy you!

Consistency is important to build the trust and loyalty part of the Infinity Marketing Machine…

Now the cool thing is, Content and Consistency are two aspects of social media that are 100% in your control.  You decide what to share AND you decide when to share it.

This makes social media – building a tribe – and email marketing the easiest type of social media opportunity out there!

But you’ve got to start…



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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