– Episode 770 – Tomorrow Will Happen

Roxanne Rockvam

Quote: “Life always offers you a second chance. It is called tomorrow.”

Wednesday: Midweek Motivation


Goals happen via a plan… so when the plan is interrupted, you quit. Right?


You adjust and keep going.  I know, that’s super simplistic but don’t give up on the big goal.  You may have set backs and the original plan may be detoured but look at the quote for today — tomorrow is a new day.

Oh wait, stole that from Scarlett O’Hara.

But it’s totally true.  When you’re having a bad day – or string of bad days… fear not, as long as you keep moving toward the goal – even if it’s moving sideways… you will attain it!   Yes, sometimes you take a step backward – and that’s OK, too.  Just keep your eye on the prize.

Tomorrow will happen.




Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Infinity Customer”!

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