– Episode 792 – Don’t Try This!

Roxanne Rockvam

Saturday: Try This!

I love visiting the whole Disneyworld resort.  The parks are fine – I’m not really into them… but I absolutely love visiting the hotels.

That’s probably strange.

But hear me out — it’s a great way to see how to create a theme and have total immersion.  By total immersion I mean the menu items, the attire worn at the front desk, the flowers, and furniture…

You are completely dropped into a theme.

So for this Saturday you can use the “try this” tip as creating a theme from start to finish.


I wanted to share an opposite of “Try This” and make it a “Don’t Try This”

Look at this photo…

We walked down the hall toward the restrooms and on the left side was this space…

Anyone recognize it?

YES!  It’s an old phone bank.  I actually remember visiting this hotel when they had payphones on the walls!

But now it’s this… a strange space with blank panels in the areas where the phones used to be.  But that’s it.


With the careful attention to detail it seems odd to have a void.   It could be closed off for storage… it could have chairs or benches as a waiting area… I mean there are lots of other things.  But this?  It’s just unused void.

Take a look at your business and just see if you’re void.  Maybe it’s on a webpage or even your brochure.  But use the Disney experience as your guide and…

Don’t Try This!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Week in Review”!
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