– Episode 815 – The Glowing Pumpkin

Roxanne Rockvam

Tribeology: Learn It. Do It. Profit. Decide who you want to work with, attract them, and sell them things they want to buy! It really is that simple.


Friday: Big Money Small Change

Quote: “The best part of the journey is the surprise”

How can you surprise your tribe?  Take something expected and personalize it to your business.

It’s actually pretty easy

Look at how this yoga studio celebrates Halloween… online…

The message captures your attention – you expect a pumpkin or some variation of a Halloween message.  Since it’s a yoga studio you often see reminders of the core principles of yoga… such as light inside you.  But put them together and you have magic.

Take your messaging to the next level by using a nuance of the holiday that has a personal connection to your business terms or philosophy.

But I also like the text under the message — it’s a specific invite to the studio for chocolate!  The holiday is used for introducing new people to a new product.

Thats an easy way to increase sales for very small costs.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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