– Episode 877 – My Awesome Title and Why It’s Important To You

Roxanne Rockvam

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Monday: Subject Matter Expert

Quote: “The relationship capital you earn from your connections will carry far more weight than advertising”


Friday night I received a, “… mentioned you” comment from Facebook.

It was from someone I don’t really talk to.  I also didn’t post anything earlier in the day… so it was odd.

I opened the comment and found a woman looking to purchase pageant banners because her normal vendor came up with a problem… she is completely stressed because the pageant is in a week.

Alright, this might seem strange so here’s the backstory.

I competed in baton twirling for 17 years.  Part of every twirling contest is a pageant category or awards that involve pageant sashes.  There are a couple social media sites I run for baton twirlers, and I also create rhinestone T shirts… well, I thought… maybe making pageant sashes would be a great way to provide a service to the baton twirling community.

Last year, I tried.  I made some for one contest… then crickets.

Until Friday.

The gal I made the sashes recommended me in the answer to the woman seeking help with her Facebook need.  Since I was tagged, I hopped on and put the link ( to the sashes I create… then about 30 minutes later, my phone did “cha ching”


We operate in a very interesting commerce era… right now.

Credibility and personal reference is more important than ever.

Lots of people listed who they used in the reply for help on Facebook…. but she chose me.

It’s just something to think about as you work to develop your online credibility and social network.  It really gives purpose to all of that work you are putting into your Infinity Marketing Machine!

You are creating content but this is all about creating a connection.  And it was the mutual connection that got me the order.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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