– Episode 973 – How to Make a List that Spiders and Tribes Love?

Roxanne Rockvam


Tuesday Blog Topic: Content and Consistency –

Quote: “Make a list of things to ponder”


Lists are fun.  There are lots of emotions wrapped up in a list…

Your mom is mad at you and says, “you’re on my list” that’s bad!

Santa has the “naughty and nice list” – YIKES!

Even marketers will talk about “the money is in your list”

So what the heck is up with lists?

Well, you make lists to remember things, like a grocery list… you make a a “to do” list and there’s even your wish list.


Lots and lost of emotions, right? 

Now how can you make this work for you with your regular content posting…

Make a list!

This is the ultimate content builder… and you’ve actually found these helpful in the past. Seriously, I’m willing to say that if not everyone, nearly everyone who has searched for a topic online has come across a master list of “stuff” they are interested in…

I mean, if you can find 10 patriotic drinks on Pinterest… or 101 dog names… you have found a list in your search, and they are helpful.

How can you use this strategy?  Well, I’ll demonstrate… ready?!?!  🙂

How to use lists in your content strategy.

1) On your website, create ONE page where your full list resides.  Develop a list that your customers will find helpful.  This could be something associated with how to use your product, how to maintain your product, or even how to make a decision about your product.  Our family marina works with boaters, so we could make a “Top 10 places to visit on our lake for dinner, then “The most important 5 maintenance tips for your boat”, and finally “7 things to consider when you pick the perfect boat” and as a bonus… “101 boat name ideas”

2) After you develop the list in step one – you create a page for each number on your list.  If you have seven items in you’ll have seven pages.  Each page will have information/offers relating to the topic.  Example:  If you say the Top 5 maintenance tips for your boat, and number one is an oil and filter change… then you’ll have a page dedicated to the importance of Oil/Filter changes, you can include a discount, etc.

3) Link from the main list to the secondary page. And on the secondary page, link to the full list.

4) DANG you now have content… If you have seven things on your list – you have seven content posts!  Write a post and link to the appropriate secondary page.

This will provide you with content for posts AND it will create you with relevant and searchable content or the spiders. 

Your Tribe will love this AND the spiders will love it.

It’s something your tribe and spiders have in common, they both love lists!

Today:  Break your business into profit centers, and come up with 5 topics in each profit center… now, write a “list” realted to the topic… when you’re done, you have content for a whole bunch of time…

What is Tribeology?  Learn It. Do It. Profit. Decide who you want to work with, attract them, and sell them things they want to buy! It really is that simple.


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