– Episode 1003 – Set A Goal

Roxanne Rockvam

Monday Topic: Credibility —

Quote:  “When u stop expecting things to be perfect, you automatically start finding things better”


Do you like setting goals?  (that’s easy)

Do you like achieving goals?  This is actually the more important question.

The crazy thing is, when you achieve a goal you are also setting an expectation.  And…. this affects your overall leadership.


People that follow you like to know the trail… I mean, there’s always that motto of you can travel across the country in a car at night without any street lights, as long as you have your headlights… you just need a little vision to keep going.

Same for your tribe.

They need a little vision.  They love to be a part of the journey.  They like you… let them participate!

Does this journey need to be set in stone and completely thought out… absolutely not! 

Just don’t drive beyond your headlights.

Your journey can wind, and twist, and have some bumps along the way, just communicate the goal!

Goal setting, and actually goal achieving is very important to building your leadership qualities.  Failing to set this type of expectation really hurts your overall results and hurts the trust your tribe has in your leadership.

Today… get out there, set a goal and tell your tribe all about it!


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