– Episode 1023 – Embrace the Possibilities

Roxanne Rockvam

Wednesday’s Blog Topic: Midweek Motivation –

Quote: “When nothing is sure, everything is possible”


Everyone needs certainty.  The problem is… there are times you just don’t have it!

Look at, well, right not.  We are heading into the 4th of July weekend and there’s this virus thing going on and just 4 days away, states are closing the doors on beaches and parks.

So now what?

What is going to happen in other areas of the country?

No one knows, but when you watch trends there should be no surprises.  It’s like thinking kids will go back to school in the fall.


You honestly think this will happen… sure they’ll go to school meaning they’ll take classes, it’s the location and by whom the classes occur that is yet to come.

How do you function with this?

OMG. Make a plan.  You need plan A, B, and C – don’t hide from the possibilities, embrace them!




Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Infinity Customer”!

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